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"I highly recommend The Cleaned Space!  Kim provided not only exceptional cleaning services with clear communication and detailed follow-ups, but also helped me with various aspects of my Airbnb Hosting tasks.  Her thoughtfulness and care makes The Cleaned Space services highly trusted and valued!

Theodore Ullrich

Financial District, NYC

February 2021


"The team did an amazing job cleaning our home.  They arrived on time and did a very through job, making sure every last inch of my home was clean and organized.  I can trust that my home is in good hands.  Highly recommend their services. 5 stars!"

Jae B.

Harlem, NYC

April 2019

"Great customer service, and so responsive.  Cleaned my issue the next day.  Will recommend this company to clean, and would use them again."  

Susan Lee

Arnold S. Warwick & Co., Ltd

May 2019

"I can't say enough about this business, it's proprietor (Kim Morris) and my cleaner (Betsabe).  From the moment I reached out to Kim, she has been wonderfully responsive, helpful, and friendly.  That, in itself, is notable, but the real value is in the quality of the work she and Betsabe did in my apartment.  In a few hours, they had it sparkling more brightly than it EVER has...probably since Franklin Roosevelt had his offices there.  And they very clearly respected my time and belongings.  I intend to make The Cleaned Space a regular presence in my busy life."

Laura R.

Financial District, NYC

March 2019

"Kim is someone who is doing what she loves and it shows!  She is always responsive to me and addresses all of my needs.  She is honest, punctual, and attentive to all details.  It's been a blessing to find someone who takes such good care of my home! I highly recommend Kim and her team to anyone looking for a professional experience."

Tamara L.

West Village, NYC

January 2019

Kim is flexible, thorough, reliable, and an amazing communicator.  She does a fantastic job every visit, and my husband and I completely trust her in our home.  She really goes above and beyond what is expected and proactively seeks feedback and input on her services on top of that she is incredibly kind and thoughtful.  I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Lindsey K.

Tribeca, NYC

January 2019

"Kim is truly the best.  She is extremely trust worthy and takes true time to properly clean the apartment and does not ever cut any corners.  She is always flexible with schedule and makes everything very easy and seamless.  We have worked with many other cleaners in NYC,  and this is by far the best."

Carlie Y. 

Financial District, NYC

September 2018

"Great quality and amazing energy and commitment to creating long term relationships! Highly recommend to those that want the right kind of energy in their sacred space / home!"

Somya M.

Financial District, NYC

August 2018

"Kim and her crew at The Cleaned Space are amazing.  First of all, my apartment has never looked better. They are efficient, professional, and through in their cleaning.  They also wanted to make sure I was happy with their job. They actually take the time to ask if there is anything specific that you want done, or if you want anything changed. Second of all, they are just lovely people.  So kind and generous.  Really friendly. I have a 6 week old and they make sure to clean my bedroom first so that I have a space to nurse and put him to sleep if needed, while they are there.  Overall, they do a thorough clean efficiently and effectively!  Could not recommend them enough"

Elizabeth Y.

Financial District, NYC

August 2018 

"My roommate and I are so happy and grateful for Kim!  She is exceptional at her work! When we moved into the city, we realized that apartments here collect a lot of dust.  I'm highly allergic to dust and it was everywhere!  Thankfully, we found Kim, who came highly recommended.  She pays such close attention to detail - everything is clean when we get home.  When I say everything, I really mean EVERYTHING!!  The air feels lighter and I can breathe better after she has been there.  You can tell Kim really cares about what she is doing and she is very professional.. Payment is super easy because it's set up online and everything is very clear.  We are so grateful for Kim and would recommend her to everyone!  You won't regret it that is for sure!  I have never seen or been in an apartment this clean before, truly amazing."

Lauren A.

Financial District, NYC

May 2018

"A clean home is a happy and healthy home!  Thanks to Kim and The Cleaned Space, I come home to a space that makes it easy for me to relax at the end of a long day.  She is diligent, organized, trustworthy and easy to communicate with.  I am amazed at just how clean she gets every corner of my apartment!!! AND on top of that, she is super kind and loving to my cat, and you can't put a price on that!"

Alexis Healy

Financial District, NYC

March 2018

"Kim is WONDERFUL. She is more detail oriented than anyone I have ever had come clean my home.  For days after she came, I noticed details - she cleaned inside my trash can and the light switches! She was very responsive to texts, and was completely okay with my dog being around while she worked.  I could not recommend her more, my house was immaculate and felt just fabulous."



Financial District, NYC

December 2017

"I cannot say enough positive things about my experience working with The Cleaned Space and the CEO/Owner Kim. I hired them to clean our medical start up which includes a VERY busy medical practice, a corporate office and corporate apartment. The team has gone above and beyond with each clean. Kim is meticulously organized, extremely detail oriented and hands on with all of her clients. Communicating with her is a breeze as she answers promptly and thoroughly. She has been flexible and accommodating around our hectic office hours working as late as midnight some nights to get the job done without ever sacrificing quality. It is so refreshing to come to a spotless, sparkling office each day and both our patients and doctors have commented on how wonderful the space looks! On top of it all Kim has a warm, positive energy so it's a total delight to be around her

Lara R.

Murray Hill, NYC

April 2017

"Kim is fantastic. Not only is she efficient in her work and a clear communicator, but her sunny personality is always a delight if we cross paths at our apartment. I appreciate that she doesn't cut corners when so many cleaning companies do, and she and her team always go the extra mile to make coming home that day extra pleasant. We always recommend them!"

Stephanie V.

Upper East Side, NYC

September 2016

"Twice a year, I do a deep clean on our apartment, and this year I enlisted the help of Kim Morris of The Cleaned Space.  She was so responsive in arranging the cleanings, they came with everything they needed, had such attention to detail in cleaning, and made payment easy through Square.  A real pleasure to work with. She's the first person I've wanted to have come into my home regularly to clean.  I highly recommend Kim and her service."
Maya Draisin

Chelsea, NYC

August 2016

"I've been a customer of The Cleaned Space for two years now, and I am always thrilled to come home to a pristine apartment after a visit from Kim and her team. The Cleaned Space employees have always been on time and Kim proactively asks for feedback to make sure that I am more than satisfied with her team and the cleaning performed. I've always been more than satisfied and for good reason, The Cleaned Space cleaners are so diligent that they've even found my favorite wallet as well as a pair of glasses that I thought had been lost forever! If you're looking for a new cleaning service you can't go wrong with Kim Morris and The Cleaned Space Team!"
Dominic S.

Financial District, NYC

August 2016

"Kim is very dependable and professional. Her team does a very thorough job."

L. Rosen

Hell's Kitchen, NYC

May 2016


"I am the Property Manager for two luxury residential properties located in Northern New Jersey. The Cleaned Space has provided cleaning services for numerous vacant apartments in which the results have been extremely impressive.


The reason why having this level of quality service is so important to us is because our apartments have to be cleaned to a certain standard per the local municipality via verification by their appointed inspector.  Failure to do so will result in the unit failing the city inspection resulting in delays with the lease-up process.  This has been a huge problem for us in the past causing us to not meet move-in deadlines, having to offer impromptu concessions to keep new prospects happy and in a few cases, having deals fall through completely.  Since we have been able to have this company come on board, these units have been able to get approved at a quicker rate, which in turn has led to ahead of schedule lease-ups.  These types of solutions help our properties show positive numbers on our quarterly financials and great consumer feedback which is a win-win for all parties involved!

I would recommend "The Cleaned Space" to anyone searching for high-quality, reliable service.  We look forward to continuing our business with this great company going forward!"



Tayllor Cooper 

Property Manager

Gaia Grand & Gaia Renaissance, Northern NJ

March 2015



It is my pleasure to give Kim a glowing endorsement for her cleaning service, The Cleaned Space. It can sometimes be daunting to start with a new service. I think some people (myself included) are inclined to continue to use a service they aren't happy with, simply because they don't want to deal with the transition. With Kim and her team, it was seamless. They arrived fully stocked with supplies (including earth friendly products for the eco-conscious client!).  Needless to say...attention to detail is their specialty. Kim is very easy to communicate with, quick to respond, and I feel completely comfortable having them in my home whether I am there or not! They are also great with my 2 huge dogs who can be quite a handful!
T. Granger
Upper Montclair, NJ

February 2015


I highly recommend The Cleaned Space to those who need clean spaces! I have used their services for a few months and they have been great. My schedule is complicated, changing frequently. They have done a fantastic job keeping track of my many calendar updates, always making sure to have everything clean and ready to go whenever friends, family, or I am using my Upper West Side apartment. They adapt to issues that crop up and think on their feet to solve problems to meet check-in deadlines. I couldn't be more pleased with their services and highly recommend them. 

C. King

Upper West Side, NYC

February 2015




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